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Read Why Folks Support Richard DeNapoli

Neil Combee, State Representative


“Responsible, long term financial choices are upon us in Florida.  From expanding access to health care to energy to small business development, the Florida Legislature needs people, like Richard DeNapoli, who know the rigors of running a business, the impact of government on jobs, and the need to plan ahead. Richard also knows, better than most, the true work that goes into building a party and support for a cause.  His service as party chairman puts Richad on the pulse of the grassroots in Florida and his insights into growing our State and growing our party will be invaluable.” 


Dane Eagle, State Representative

"Richard DeNapoli is the kind of energetic, idea-driven, problem-solving leader we need in the Florida Legislature. Richard's experience is as deep as it is broad. As a prosecutor, Richard helped protect our kids and seniors. As a small business owner, Richard understands the struggles Florida families face in tough economic times. And, as a financial planner, Richard helps seniors secure their retirement. I look forward to serving with Richard and working together to secure a better future for Florida families."


Heather Fitzenhagen, State Representative


“Richard DeNapoli is committed to building a better florida.  As a former foster child, richard has a solid grasp of the issues facing the children of our state. And, his experience with taking care of his elderly grandparents has adequately prepared him to help all of Florida’s seniors."


Bill Hager, State Representative


"Richard DeNapoli's years of experience in helping seniors plan for retirement and invest prudently will be invaluable in the Florida House.  Our State faces many challenges such as Insurance and Healthcare reform, and there is no one better prepared to tackle those issues than Richard DeNapoli. I fully support him in his race and look forward to serving with him."


George Moraitis, State Representative

“Richard DeNapoli is a true conservative who Sarasota residents can count on to keep Florida on the road to economic prosperity.  He’s and intelligent, common-sense conservative who won’t back down from his principles,”


Carlos Trujillo, State Representative


"Richard DeNapoli is ready to solve Florida's real problems. He will continue to inch our state economy toward economic recovery while protecting investments in programs benefiting seniors and our public education system."


Ray Pilon, State Representative


"Richard DeNapoli’s experience in retirement security, financial planning, and Florida law make him well suited to protect Florida’s seniors and their issues in Tallahassee.  He’d make a great partner to work with in Tallahassee when it comes to protecting Sarasota County and its citizens,” 


Jimmie T. Smith, State Representative (Vice Chairman Veterans and Military Affairs Sub-Committee*)


"As a State Representative and Sponsor of the Florida GI Bill I am offering my endorsement of Richard DeNapoli for State Representative, I feel that Richards work ethic, strong principles and willingness to work with everyone to make Florida a better state is what we need in the capital. As a veteran I feel we must elect leaders that have vision and understand the effect of the decisions they make. I feel that Richard is that man when it comes to House District 74 and that is why I am offering my official endorsement."


George LeMieux, Former US Senator and Deputy Attorney General of Florida


"There are few people more dedicated to growing our party and practicing our conservative principles, than Richard DeNapoli. As a prosecutor, Richard spent each day making sure those who would prey on our kids, our seniors, and good citizens everywhere, were put away. As a small business owner, Richard knows that the entrepreneur and the American worker create prosperity, not the politically connected. Lastly, as a former local party Chairman, Richard knows that to build our party again, we need candidates who talk the talk, but also walk the walk. That is why I endorse Richard for State House, and look forward to his service in Tallahassee.”


John J. Fellin, Charter Review Board


* Vice Chairman Veterans and Military Affairs Sub-Committee used for identification purposes only

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