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Where I Stand on the Issues Impacting District 74

Core Conservative Values

Government should be limited in size and scope

Competition and free markets are a good thing

Personal responsibility is a core American value

Never spend more than you take in or can reasonably pay off

If you have other questions or don't see an issue position on the list, please email me and I will do my best to address your concerns.

Health Care & Obamacare

Oppose Obamacare and advocate full repeal

Oppose federal mandates to expand failed government programs

Vigorously prosecute Medicaid fraud

Reduce coverage mandates and expand insurance competition

Encourage charitable giving in Florida to sponsor uninsured children

Encourage doctors to provide no cost services by restricting malpractice claims on free care

Establish Association Health Plans or small business pools to increase purchasing power

End the One-Size-Fits-All health care mentality and encourage innovation and customization

Economic Growth & Jobs

Keep Florida free of income taxes

Invest in infrastructure like roads, bridges, airports and seaports so we can get people to work and goods to market.

Make it easy to relocate a business to Florida

Create a Sunset Committee that will be tasked with repealing burdensome and outdated laws and regulations

Support Florida tourism, farming, and manufacturing

Reduce property taxes so families can afford to live in Florida

Retirement Security

Ensure Florida remains free of a state income tax

Protect the homestead exemption for seniors and families and explore options to increase the exemptions

Ensure Florida NEVER taxes Social Security benefits

Block any attempt to tax inheritance or estates

Examine ways to make it easier for grandparents to protect their grandchildren

Increase penalties for elder financial abuse and fraud


No Amnesty – period

E-verify for all employers to ensure the jobs magnet for illegal aliens is turned off

Oppose all Obama efforts to house illegalimmigrants in Sarasota County jails

Demand Congress act to secure the border

Support completion of the border fence

Shift taxpayer funding from benefits for illegal aliens to helping keep our commitment to caring for our Veterans

Common Core & Education

Oppose Common Core

Support accountability for schools and teachers 

Support school choice

Require higher education institutions to spend more on classroom instruction and research than on new positions and bureacracy

Support the expansion of STEM education in Florida

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